Oasis Night of Worship

So proud of our youth stepping out of their comfort zone doing a dance for other youth groups in the valley. Oasis night of worship gathered 4 churches in the valley though we don’t all agree we still can come together and serve Jesus as our savior and proclaim His goodness. Catalyst youth got to share our heart for igniting the valley on fire for God. We are also pressing into Gods prophetic word over the youth of a fire whirl wind coming down to our youth and then going out into the valley. This is a great stride as we build connections and friendships with other local believers inspiring one another to press into God. Our song was Start Over by NF which gives credit to Jesus for taking all our sins onto His shoulders so we can Start Over living a life totally dedicated to God. Please continue to pray for our youth as New creations and examples to carry out the Kingdom of God on earth as it is heaven. Pray for boldness as they take their message to their schools and friends. Thanks so much for your support and prayers.