Mom's Night Testimoney

Shilo came and shared her experiences from a Mission trip to Inida. The stories were awesome some healings and miracles of what God is doing over seas. If you have not heard them I encourage everyone to talk to Shilo her excitement and faith continues to shine and inspire others to go after what God is doing in the earth today through his Kingdom. Through Shilo God has also inspired one of our youth to want to be a Missionary. We are working with the youth and encouraging them to practice being missionaries today in their schools praying for kids. Catalyst youth continues to teach them about identity and their abilities to represent God through love. God continues to show his promise of Catalyst of a fire whirl wind coming down to our youth putting them on fire for God and going out to the valley setting it a blaze. Thank you so much for everyone’s prayers for the youth as we press into God. If you would like to pour into Catalyst we are having some up and coming fund raising events soon. #CatalystYouthForTheValley